On The Road: A Tale Of Hot Sex

I found Anne at an escort service a little over a month ago and since then the two of us have been together for some seriously sexy adventures. She’s young, free, sexy, wild, and up for just about anything; I’m crazy about her. She’s little; tiny in fact, standing at least three feet shorter than me. The only big parts of Anne are her thick breasts and bubble ass. Her pixie cut blonde hair along with those blue eyes staring up at me gets me harder than I’ve ever been in my life. The best part is that Anne is ready and needing my cock anytime, anywhere.

A few weeks ago we were driving down some back desert highway, music on the radio, on one of those days when it’s just about to rain. Anne had her tiny feet up on the dashboard, toes painted black, when unexpectedly she’d popped open the button on her jean short shorts and started rubbing herself, watching me and moaning with self-induced pleasure. Seeing my cock getting hard watching her, she undid my belt and took it in the other hand, jerking and massaging me, tiny sprinkles of rain beginning to hit the windshield as we continued on, Anne rubbing herself furiously and jacking me off to make me cum.

She’d already gotten herself off several times when she pulled her shorts down to her ankles, propped herself up, and with her hand stretched down her body and still rubbing herself, began to take my shaft all the way down and into the back of her throat. The rain was coming in huge splatters now, the sky dark, and she was so good I was beginning to lose control of the car. I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled my pants up long enough to run to Anne’s side and pulled her out of the car. I pushed her around to the back of the car and bent her over the trunk, the both of us getting drenched in the pouring rain. I pulled her meager clothing off until she was completely naked, lifted her onto the trunk and began pumping and rubbing her. She was playing with her nipples, head thrown back screaming into the rain as she came. Once I was that I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came as well, right there on the side of the highway in the middle of a rain storm.

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